We are proud to release our Payment Guardian feature to protect your payments.

When you create and authorise your payments we assess 4 rules.

**Vendor Checks** – we check that the ABN status of your payee is still valid. We also check if your payee is currently registered for GST.

**Disbursement Details** – we check the Bank Account or BPAY details that you have used for your payment, and how that compares to other payees in our system. This may indicate an error in the bank details submitted.

**Duplicate Payment** – we check for any of your recent payments that match the Amount paid and the Invoice Number. We then warn you if we think it is a duplicate.

**Authorisation Check** – this logs the user that authorises the payment. In the future this will be expanded to potentially allow for only certain users over a set $ amount, or authority by a minimum of 2 users.

When you create a payment, we will assess the rules, and show you any warnings during the creation process. To view the details of these 4 rules for past payments, please go to Payments History in the left menu, then view a single payment. The results of the 4 rules (as shown above) are detailed at the bottom of the payment page. Click the rule to expand it and view further details.

As of 16/08/20, this initial release includes 4 rules, and will be expanded in the future. We will also include a new dashboard and reporting summaries in coming weeks.

For further details – Email Us or call 1300 925 729.