Yak Rewards

We are pleased to partner with the Velocity Frequent Flyer program to offer Velocity Points for payments made via our portal.

You can now earn uncapped Velocity Points for payments processed on Yak Pay. The earn rate depends on the payment method you choose.
Payment Method Fees Reward Points
American Express 2.15% +GST 1 Point per $10*
Visa 1.0% +GST 1 Point per $10*
Mastercard 1.2% +GST 1 Point per $10*
Bank Transfer 0.5% +GST 1 Point per $3*

If you are not a Velocity member yet, it’s free to join and you can sign up at this link – https://join.velocityfrequentflyer.com/

How to set up your Velocity linkage.
Login to our portal – https://web.yakpay.com
– then go to the left menu – Account / Reward Program
– then select Velocity
– then add in your Velocity FF details for 1 or more member accounts.

Then go to Create Payment and make one or more payments to your suppliers.
– on Step 5 of Create Payment, you will see the new Velocity Points calculation.
– complete your payment as per the instructions on screen.

When the funds are paid to your payee, we then allocate the points to your Velocity account.

If you have any further questions, let us know – help@yakpay.com