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What is Yak Pay?

Yak Pay is an online payment platform which streamlines payment of supplier invoices. Use Credit Card(s) and/or Bank Transfer to pay invoices via Yak Pay, and your suppliers receive a normal EFT or BPAY payment.

Who is Yak Pay for?

Yak Pay is for savvy business owners who want to transform their accounts payable into a source of immense value. Earn more reward points, optimise cash flow, and negotiate early payment discounts via our secure, automated platform.

Visa Preferred

At only 1% (plus GST), Yak Pay is the best value platform for business payments using your Visa card.

Integrates with Xero

Our deep integration to Xero sychronises contacts, imports bills and enables automatic reconciliation based upon your card statement feed.

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Pay with Confidence

Yak Pay is PCI compliant and protects your card details with card tokenisation and multi-factor authentication. Securely delegate access to charge your card without ever using your full card number.


Earn More Reward Points

Maximise tax-free reward points by earning at the full rate for all of your government payments, supplier invoices, contractors, superannuation, rent and other expenses.

Improves Cash Flow

Take advantage of existing credit card facilities with your bank for up to 55 days interest free unsecured funding. Process a file using multiple credit cards and/or bank transfer.

Save Time & Money

Make either a single payment or upload a file to make multiple payments in seconds.

Ease of Use

Our simple intuitive platform is available 24x7 allowing you to make payments at any time you choose. Use Yak Pay on any platform and any device.

Negotiate Discounts New

Let Yak Pay's Negotiator optimise your cash flow by managing payment terms with your suppliers.

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Velocity Frequent Flyer New

Not only do you earn points from your card scheme, earn points directly from Yak Rewards for all payments processed. Earn 1 point per $10 for credit card payments, and 1 point per $3 for bank transfer payments. *Conditions Apply.

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How to Yak It

Why Yak Pay?


Yak Pay is the fastest way to:

  • Process hundreds of payments in seconds
  • Use your Amex, Mastercard or Visa credit card
  • Or use your own funds by bank transfer
  • Accumulate and earn uncapped reward points on every payment


Yak Pay makes payments easier:

  • Intuitive, easy to use and simple sign up process
  • Manage cash flow using your credit cards or own funds
  • Pay using credit cards even if your supplier doesn’t accept them
  • Connect directly with your accounting systems


Yak Pay is safer:

  • Payment checks to ensure accuracy and reduce errors
  • Data checks to ensure payee details are valid and not fraudulent
  • Multi factor security on all access and authorisations
  • All card details are tokenised and PCI compliant

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Module Repair Service

You guys are awesome. I have used your other platform Payment Logic for years and now I can also use my commercial Visa cards on Yak Pay. Using the same login and set-up, I was yakking my B2B payments in a matter of minutes.


Glen Iris School of Dance

Fantastic way to set up and pay my monthly commercial rent using my Visa card. I also love the way I can pay some of my contract staff every fortnight


Blackbox Technologies

Definitely the easiest, most secure and best value way to use my Visa card for making B2B payments