Rules of Use

The "Rules" are defined in Yak Pay's Services Agreement as the policies, rules and procedures of Yak Pay which relate to the Services, and deal with matters not dealt with in the Payment Services Agreement, or alternatively expand on matters set out in the Payment Services Agreement.

For the purposes of this document the words "Yak Pay", "we", "our" and "us" refer to Yak Pay International Pty Ltd (ACN 634 056 367), and "Site" to materials and services delivered on or through the website located at the domain name

Our Service

Our service is to be used for ABN holders to facilitate payments for business expenses on a credit card and for no other purpose.

Prohibited Use

Our service cannot be used by a company to pay itself or a subsidiary or related entity.

Our service cannot be used by a company to pay its shareholders or directors (whether those shareholders and/or directors are companies or individuals).

Our service cannot be used for payments to banned industries. Yak Pay reserves the right to update the banned industries at any time.


Payments to suppliers will be made on the following business day provided the transaction is processed before 5:59pm (Australian Eastern time), and Yak Pay receives those funds the next day from the normal credit card settlement process.

Stopping a Payment

Payments to suppliers can be stopped by contacting our office prior to 11:00am the day after your credit card is charged. Payments made via our Bank Transfer service can only be stopped if the payment has not been paid to the payee.

Reversing a Payment

A payment can be reversed by contacting our office prior to payment being released to the payee. Fees paid for processing the payment are NOT refundable.