Xero Integration

Yak Pay integrates seamlessly with Xero to make your accounts payable work for you!

Our integration imports all Xero Bills that are awaiting payment, then synchronises any Xero Contacts with missing payee data in our platform. Authorising payments is easy, just select which Bills you want paid, and authorise by entering the SMS sent to your mobile phone.

After your card is charged, Xero Bills are automatically updated to paid. Processing fees are also automatically added into your Xero account as a Paid Bill. Our integration supports automatic reconciliation after Xero imports your card statement feed.

Getting Started

Connecting Yak Pay is easy to set up. Connecting your Xero account only takes seconds!

To get started, log into Yak Pay and click the “Show Me” button in the new Xero Integration section on your Home page. The integration wizard will step you through the process.

Please login to our portal to connect your account today.
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For more information on setting up your Xero connection, please see our Getting Started page today.